January 2003

Climbing fences

January 31, 2003

it’s a good thing i was wearing jeans. when the boys asked me to go with them to lunch, they didn’t mentioned we’d be jumping the stone fence behind the office. “do you guys do this often?” i asked, apprehensively. “oh yeah,” my coworker said, “all the time.” i hadn’t climbed a fence since i […]


Five minutes behind

January 28, 2003

last night i told her, there’s something in the air and everything is changing. the jasmine thinks it’s springtime. the raindrops never came. the sky and the clouds and the air and the atmosphere…it’s just different. i can’t explain. today, i woke up with a dark cloud in my belly. today, i got a very […]



January 21, 2003

he alternately let out “fuck!”s, “beautiful”s and sighs, while flipping through the LA Weekly on the sunlit patio. his greasy blond hair grazed the top of his black wire-rimmed glasses. his denim jacket draped over his chair looked exactly like the one my brother had in the 1980s. it was Guess[tm]. –The Coffee Table


My new sketchbook

there could be far worse things than gazing lovingly at … a sketchbook. right? …right?


Paper is the new new media

January 20, 2003

Her words, not mine

January 17, 2003

“oh my god, christine,” she said, “you have, like, the best taste in clothes.” “thanks,” i smiled. “it’s almost identical to mine.”


I can’t hear you

“i like this song,” i thought, so i turned up the volume up-up-up and then he passed by. a man in white sneakers and rolled-up jeans and a brown sweater. he was plugging his ears – a finger in each – and holding a crumpled nestle crunch wrapper. “what is it that he’s trying to […]


S p a c e

January 14, 2003

i’m totally consumed by space. the way a person travels through my bedroom. the glaring holes on the computer screen. the walls i’ve stripped bare. i drive down the freeway/sit in a meeting/stand in the shower and it’s all i can think about. i make mental notes: maybe i should replace optic nerve with the […]


Sondre Lerche

January 13, 2003

if i were a teenage girl, i wouldn't waste my time on N'Sync or The Backstreet Boys. the real action is with sondre lerche. at the tender age of 19, this norwegian wonder puts all the manufactured teeny bopper pop stars to shame. faces down is filled with jangly, tingly melodies that remind me a […]



January 11, 2003

i’ll tell you what this feels like: it feels like rolling a window down on a roadtrip, the wind shaking your hair, the music blasting in your ears. it sounds like quiet. it is everything in reverse. a rollercoaster that reaches the very top only to come back down, again.


Bless him

January 9, 2003

the boy at the coffeehouse wore a knit cap and a plaid shirt. he worked studiously on an old-skool ibook, shaking his right leg. a nervous habit. a twitch. an endearing one. when i sneezed, a sneeze that shook the table and bounced off the walls, he turned, looked me straight in the eye and […]


The Flaming Lips

as usual, i'm late to jump on the bandwagon of the flaming lips lovers. my friend miha gave me a copy of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots and i am really digging it. how could i have ignored this band for so long? the bandwagon just peeled around the corner and i'm running as fast […]


London, briefly

January 7, 2003

on our third day, we went to tate modern and, afterward, crossed the millenium bridge, a foot path that leads from the museum to the other side of the thames river. off to our right, the sun was setting over the tower bridge. the blues and violets bled into each other behind the old, majestic […]


DSL, my love

January 6, 2003

how did i ever live without DSL? i am in nerd heaven.


In 2002

January 4, 2003

in 2002, i settled and stayed in the same apartment. i went to london, new york city and vegas. i won the jackpot. i gave my heart away and got it back, slightly scratched and bruised. i picked up a guitar for the first time and learned how to play love me tender. i sat […]



January 3, 2003

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to go home and clear several paths in my bedroom. One, from my bedroom door to my desk. Two, from my desk to the bathroom. Three, from the bathroom to the closet. Four, from the closet to my bed. Then, I’m going to eat an orange. No, […]


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