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April 9, 2004

Good Things, Illustrated Edition

March 18, 2004

Martha Stewart may have popularized the term “good thing,” but I made it my own. I started keeping Good Things lists in my journal two years ago, during a dreary time in my life. I had gotten so used to seeing the bad stuff — too used to it — that I was losing sight […]


Bag o’ tricks

January 21, 2004

When I was in junior high school, I hated carrying a purse. On more than one occasion, I remember Ricky asking whether I had a Kleenex or a pen or a piece of gum. Anything, really. My response was always “No,” and his reply to that was usually something like, “You’re a girl. You should […]


You are free

January 8, 2004

You Are Free, an illustration I drew for Measure Magazine My friend Daniele is doing something very cool this year. She’s doing everything that scares her. I love that idea: Taking wild, courageous leaps into territory we’ve never gone before–territory we assumed was blocked off with yellow tape and orange cones. I want to do […]


You belong in the zoo, the San Diego Zoo

October 14, 2003

Our Saturday was half road trip, half field trip. Rama, Sidra and I drove a couple hundred miles to the San Diego Zoo. They played Connect Four, while I bopped my head to the Shins. We took turns dancing and making faces at people passing by on the freeway. At the zoo, we picked out […]


Kids R Us

August 20, 2003

I met Klair on the swing set at Plummer Park. “Hi,” she said. “Hello,” I smiled. “How old are you?” she asked, shuffling her feet against the ground. “27,” I said. She looked at me with exclamation point eyes. “Why are you here?” I told her about the zine convention I was attending and how […]


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  • I run a darling, friendly, little graphic design studio.
    I look on the bright side.
    I take photos. Lots of photos.
    I wish on stars and on websites.

  • I built my first web site 7 years ago and got 15 seconds of fame. (It changed my life.)
    I launched, then relaunched, an online magazine.
    I admitted to several embarrassing crushes.
    I consumed more bacon than any human should and lived to tell the tales.

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