July 2004


July 29, 2004

Some days, I feel like I’m going to explode. Like my body isn’t big enough for the feelings inside of me.


Bad things

July 27, 2004

* Carelessly dropping my beloved camera on the convention center floor while trying to play hero and pick up scattered bookmarks. It turns out neither my camera nor I are indestructible. * Dreaming about fires caused by meth labs secretly hiding in my parents’ garage. * Caffeine hangovers. You know, that dry mouth empty stomach […]



July 22, 2004

Is there anything more perfect and pure than the new and improved iPod? No. There is not. I have long been tempted by its sweet siren call and I have, for one reason or another, resisted. But I fear I cannot resist much longer. The 20gb model has just the right size, weight and space […]


Weekend highlights

July 19, 2004

I was in desperate need of slowness and sunshine, and this weekend was perfect for just that. Highlights include (but are not limited to): Iced coffee, egg salad on whole wheat and french fries at Alcove; handstands in the shallow end and a poolside nap; wrapping up the first season of Alias; giving Rama a […]


Holding on

July 16, 2004

Thank you for your lovely messages and sweet prayers. I think they’re working, because my mom told me last night that Grandma is feeling better. She’s not out of the hospital yet, but she might be released this weekend if her health continues to improve. I feel so grateful. I can see her on that […]


Hope in the flowers

July 13, 2004

All photos taken in Mom’s garden last Saturday There’s hope in flowers and sunsets and phone calls with people who love you. Everything is as it should be, they say. Trust that.


A quilt of worry, part 2

July 12, 2004

My grandma is still in the hospital and on Friday she had a mild heart attack. The doctors say her health, her life, could go either way. Nobody knows. She’s been asking for my mom, her only daughter, to come, so Mom leaves today for the Philippines. I’m trying not to assume the worst but […]


A quilt of worry

July 9, 2004

Grandma and me, ink and watercolor on bristol, 2003 My grandma is in the hospital, again. It’s the third time she’s been admitted in a month, and I’m worried. That’s the last thing I should be doing, I know, especially when I always have given her such a hard time for fretting about every little […]


Lazy and lovely

July 6, 2004

Rama plays Sungka in Mom & Dad’s lovely backyard, this lazy 4th of July weekend Other weekend indulgences: Reading comics in Griffith Park, a delicious afternoon nap, an IKEA shopping spree, barbecued ribs and mini ice cream sandwiches, Shrek 2 at the local theater (courtesy of free movie passes) and Pass the Pigs, a new […]


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