That’s what a hamburger’s all about

October 8, 2003

The other day, Ricky called me on my cellphone. I was in the candles aisle at Cost Plus when I answered it.

“Can you deliver an In-N-Out hamburger to LAX?”


He and his girlfriend, Brooke, were stopped over at the airport on their way to Mexico. Ricky may be a funny guy, but he was only half kidding. If you’ve had In-N-Out, you understand. Those burgers are no joke. They singlehandedly kept me from giving up red meat.

A few years ago, my mom convinced me that it would be good for my health so I figured I’d give it a try. I had gone two days pork- and beef-free when my parents came home with a couple of Double-Doubles and some fries. The scent wafted up into my bedroom and lingered for hours. Three days later, I broke down and got a cheeseburger with grilled onions. A milkshake, too.

It’s not like I go to In-N-Out that often. Once a month, maybe. Sometimes twice. But when you are craving the juicy beef patty, topped with crisp lettuce and a sweet tomato, a pile of grilled onions and melted cheese, on a perfectly toasted buttery bun, you want to be able to get it. Now. So, you know, I just totally sympathized with Ricky when I had to say, “No.”


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