May 2003

Every breath they take

May 29, 2003

i have a mad, mad crush on the sultry, sexy, exhales of the members of imperial teen— and when i say “exhales” i don't mean singing. i mean, quite literally, the breath they let out. like fire. they are far more dreamy than any “ooh” or “ahh” or “la la la”s that a band might […]


Taste of summer

May 28, 2003

fresh mozzarella and d’anjou pears. sparkling lemonade. iced coffee. cookies & cream ice cream. cherry tomatoes. olives. strawberry pie. yum.


Summer Sun

May 23, 2003

it seemed only fitting that i pick up yo la tengo's summer sun before the long weekend. i'd heard it was shimmery and sunshiney, which is how i've felt now that summer is just around the corner. i have only given it one full listen, but i already feel like i am getting some color […]


Bestest friends forever

May 22, 2003

christina corral and i used to bring candy to school, distribute it evenly amongst ourselves and eat it behind the short stop at recess. we swapped issues of BOP magazine and planned birthday parties for our cabbage patch kids. christina was my very best friend. we even had the silver heart charm cracked in half […]


What I did for love

May 16, 2003

there are three guys asleep in my living room. one of them is my brother; the other two are his design partners, jeroen and dimi. all three are tall, so it’s a good thing i have a lot of floor space. sometime around 2 in the morning, i gave them a stack of blankets and […]


Crazy about haiku

May 14, 2003

haiku have become my favorite kind of poem. they're fun to write, too.


5-minute stalk list

Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll stalk your site. Here are the people, places and things that lately have a hold on my heart (in no apparent order): 5-minute stalk list (in no apparent order) lather rinse repeat boy girl party the onion superherodesigns the mirror project a softer world fork in socket devoted […]


What I did over the weekend

May 8, 2003

yesterday, ryan asked me, “are you going to write about your trip?” immediately, and without thinking, i said, no. i tried to explain to him that the trip was less about sight-seeing and more about time with my family and friends, less about documentation and more about experience. with all the blasts from my past […]


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