I’ve got my rations

August 18, 2002

i bought a new watercolor set yesterday. while working on my latest project, i realized that i’d been using a set i bought four years ago, when i took my first (and last) watercolor class. the color was dwindling. the brush bristles were shedding. i am so used to Making Do that i didn’t stop to think that my work was suffering by using old and inadequate materials.

so, i went to the art store and poked around until i found the perfect set. i lifted the brand new box off the shelf: 12 tubes of color, two brushes, a palette — all neatly stowed away in a sky blue case. i also bought a stack of paper and a journal.

when i got home, i organized my art supplies. i slipped the pieces of colored and printed paper into a folder. i tucked my new box of crayons beside the rows of rubber type. i stacked my catalogs and magazines (inspiration) beside my desk. i found a place for everything and put everything in its place.

when i noticed that half a drawer is devoted to adhesives, i started to laugh. oh, the littlest things amuse me.


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