May 2002

Oh it’s you again

May 29, 2002

i think summer struck while i was eating lunch today. when i got back into my car i could not steer with my hands. it was too hot. instead i steered, no joke, with my thigh. the denim fabric of my skirt shielded me from the heat. i pulled my knee closer to my chest […]


I’m someone’s daughter, are you somebody’s son?

May 28, 2002

i was sitting on the porch of the house of blues when a man came to sit next to me. he was carrying a guitar and a briefcase. the sun was hot, it beat down on my hair and shoulders and face. i didn’t have anywhere to be. i was waiting for joel. was this […]


Dead ringer

May 27, 2002

this boy looks like billy on the no-carb diet. he has thick eyebrows and thin lips, but not the same full moon face. his is like billy’s if you tugged on his cheeks and stretched them down. i try to grin, but i’m not sure what comes across my face. i can only hope it […]


What will be will be

we got to the reception late, because mom and dad had to wait around for photos. when we finally got to the country club lounge, the food had been cleared, save a few cubes of cheese, cracker crumbs, and dirty crumpled napkins. my mom’s friends were sitting strategically beside the grand piano, the table top […]


One more Sunday

May 26, 2002

i am waiting for the pie to arrive. it will be accompanied by the boston cream, french apple and a la mode gang, my dear and silly friends. we are going to mix cocktails, eat junk and tell stories. giggling is optional. thank you in advance for coming. if i forget to tell you, i […]


Goodbye, Felicity

May 23, 2002

in high school, it was life goes on. carrie and i watched it religiously and compared notes the following day at the lunch benches. i cried when jesse told becka he had aids. in college, i never missed an episode of my so-called life. ricky used to watch it with me, poking fun during commercials […]


Sandra Cisneros

May 20, 2002

sandra cisneros makes me want to write good stories, about days other than today and people other than myself. i want to spin, twist and shuffle letters around until they make sentences that sing. i want to write half as wonderfully as she, like: “In English my name means hope. In Spanish it means too […]



May 17, 2002

Marie-Chantale is a girl after my own heart: paper and pencils and watercolors. she makes such beautiful things and inspires others to do the same. reading her words and seeing her ideas, i really know just how she feels.


Caught in New York

May 16, 2002

i miss new york, already. i miss the subways and rows of trees and slices of piping hot pizza and photobooth bars, but mostly i just miss my friends. { LAUNCH NEW YORK PHOTO ALBUM }


Quick notes

tragedy averted. she’s so cool. for lunch, i had a turkey and bacon sandwich. tonight, i drank too much coffee and watched dawson’s creek alone. dude, it’s more like boo-hoo wednesday. also: there are not so super not so secret photos from new york, if you’re interested. tragedy averted. zit happens, derek says, and he’s […]


Damn you, Google

it still catches me offguard when you tell me you’ve been reading this. there’s such a disconnect in my head from the telling of the story and the hearing of the story. somehow, i’ve convinced myself that when i write these words and i click update that it is disappears into this tiny hole that […]


Zap it! Zap it good.

May 13, 2002

when i woke up this morning, i was struck with more than the usual monday dread. yes, the sun was glaring at me and my mind was doing its usual flip-through of this week’s to-dos and there was the lingering sense that another delicious dream had come to a grinding halt. when i put on […]


Feng shui

May 11, 2002

i am blaming everything on feng shui. i’m convinced that the arrangement of furniture and the layers of dust in my apartment are wreaking havoc on my life. i can’t breathe without sneezing, i can’t walk without stumbling. that is why i am going to scrub and mop and dust, i’m going to move and […]


Boys who read books

May 9, 2002

boys reading books on subways, with their legs crossed and their eyes narrow, steal little pieces of my heart. i don’t care if it’s a book by burroughs or hornby or grisham; i still want to lean over and kiss them all.


The hustle the bustle

i am back, i guess. i was gone and then i was back and then i was gone again. (remember? new york.) everything i did and saw, ate and smelled, felt and thought, was written in list form, as it happened or shortly thereafter, on green paper ricky and i bound with thread and glue. […]


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