January 2002

Static cling

January 31, 2002

she was splashing water on her pant legs and i looked at her with what-are-you-doing eyes. “i have such a static problem right now,” she said. “every time i shave my legs i get static the next day.” –women’s restroom, my office


Lucky bastard

January 29, 2002

last night, somehow, the topic turned to passive-aggressive behavior, and eric said, “i’ve never really understood that concept,” and i said, “neither have i.” then lars said: “that’s because you have a family who loves you.” and i had to take a moment of pause, because he was totally right.


Songs handled with care

there are five stacks of CDs beside my chair, nine open windows on my desktop and 10 star lights twinkling above my head. my head is spinning mp3s, i’m swimming in guitar riffs, my stomach is doing triple flips to the beat of the drums, and i think i want to dance. january is two […]


Mrs. Frump

January 25, 2002

we see mrs. frump every monday, wednesday and friday, and she never smiles or says hello. she just walks briskly, bundled up in her shin-length, baggy green sweater and burgundy sweatpants. today, as i was driving off, i took a good, hard look at her. her shoe laces are orange. –once around the reservoir, 7 […]



i spent countless days in grade school, practicing my handwriting (and signature, in preparation for my marriage to river phoenix), drawing outfits i wanted to wear and playing m.a.s.h. in my notebooks, so imagine my surprise and delight to find m.a.s.h. on the web! forget fortune tellers and palm readers, this game will determine who […]


Stars speak softly

January 24, 2002

sometimes i think that horoscopes are really just God saying what i need to hear. you never know. sometimes they are so eerily true, filling in all the appropriate blanks from my life, while i just sit here in awe.



January 21, 2002

on second thought, i think i would rather fast-forward to february.



January 20, 2002

i want to rewind today and start over.


Nothing ever happened

January 18, 2002

it has been a long time — a very long time, in fact — since a perfectly random stranger has lingered in my mind but over a week ago a boy in a bar changed all that. he was wearing one of my favorite shirts (yoshitomo nara’s “nothing ever happened”) so of course i thought […]


Morning news

January 16, 2002

the morning news has become a part of my morning ritual, along with walks around the reservoir, french lessons in the car and bad office coffee. i just adore that site and the boys who run it. the only bad thing i can say about it is they make me miss new york like mad, […]


Slippery when wet

January 15, 2002

i made the mistake of diving into the past today, reading old things written, getting nostalgic, feeling regret pelt me in the heart, missing him, missing you. i am wondering if i will ever learn. there is so much, too much, that i feel needs work. if i could just be more of this and […]


Navel oranges

January 14, 2002

I bought five at 79 cents a pound last Thursday and just ate the last one. The lingering fresh citrus smell in my cubicle reminds me of buying bags for a buck at our neighbors’ house. They left the oranges on the porch and we slipped the dollar through the mail slot. commerce via honor […]



January 13, 2002

please don’t tell my ibook but i think i have a crush on the new imac. i went to see it at the glendale apple store today and got all swoony at the sight of it. oh, sexy space machine! i even copped a feel, but i swear, it was innocent. i came home to […]


and i am trying so hard not to try to be clever or cute or charming, here

whatever you think of me, it’s wrong. i am not that brave, i am not that strong. “how do you do it?” people ask me. and i ask them back, “do what?” “keep it together,” they say. and then i laugh. because i feel like i am just unraveling slowly and soon i will fall […]


The best thing

January 12, 2002

she said in elation, “this is the best thing i’ve heard all day.” of course, it was only 9am. –the blue awning café



i keep listening to the same three beulah mp3s (the only ones i have) over and over again, and it’s getting ridiculous. i need to buy their CDs. now. i actually saw them live sometime last fall, by sheer accident and a lovely one, at that. now i just can’t get enough.


Everything counts in large amounts

dude. five paintings at five hundred dollars apiece. quick, do the math. i did, and i thought to myself, between sips of art show red wine in a plastic cup, “i could do that.” why haven’t i done that? where are the stories i’ve been meaning to write? where are the books i was supposed […]


A very nice boy

January 11, 2002

as much as i would like to pretend otherwise — because admitting it is putting my guard down and oh, i am strong and independent and i don’t need anybody, no sir, i don’t — i am harboring a crush on a boy with light blue eyes, a funny laugh and a charming way with […]


My old friend

this is los angeles, as seen driving down the 101 one gray day in november. it makes me nostalgic, and i’m not sure for what. like the photograph of an old friend or lover. is that what the city has become to me?


Same ol’

January 10, 2002

when asked how he was doing, the man wearing a skull cap said, “you know, same shit, different girlfriend.” his friend laughed. “how ’bout you?” “same girlfriend.” “different shit?” “yeah.” –deli, whole foods market, the valley


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