October 2001

Service with a smile

October 31, 2001

sandy* from hong kong served us with a smile. a big smile. a million dollar crest with tartar smile. *name has been changed to protect the innocent. –california pizza kitchen, pasadena


Sweet teeth

i just want to sit around and eat candy all afternoon. fists full of candy corn and twizzlers and raisinets and skittles. did you know they sell powerpuff girls stickers in boxes like raisins? that’s almost as bad as quarters from the old man down the street. tonight we’re watching mr. leary’s funeral and opening […]


What I did over summer vacation

October 29, 2001

there is no need for napping when i have time off. in the middle of the day, when i usually reach for a cup of coffee or a fluffy pillow i pace around my house, looking for something else to do. i curl up on the big green chair and read a book, ready to […]


Breaking up is hard to do

October 24, 2001

and just when i am about to break up with the internet, we finish our project and i receive the sweetest e-mail and my brothers, who are on opposite sides of the world right now, find me on aol instant messenger and we ensue in a half-hour chat. we cross state lines and time zones […]



October 23, 2001

it’s a perfect afternoon for a book, a cup of tea and the sweet strumming and humming of the softies. the sun hasn’t come out today, or if it has, i don’t remember. it’s a nice respite from the blazing beams of yesterday. i had brunch with claudine and joel this morning. i was in […]


Red wine and golden ears

October 21, 2001

we left just an hour later than we’d planned, which is a big feat, considering that we’re always missing movies and getting to stores after they close. we had to stop at two ATMs before we even got on the highway and a farmer’s market 30 miles away from the first stop because our stomachs […]


I used to frolic

October 19, 2001

too much popcorn and too much smoke last night. my throat was scratchy, and this morning i woke up and felt a jabbing pain behind my left eye. i took two advils and bought three shirts and now i feel better. (i was not hungover, if that’s what you’re thinking.) my e-mail is piling up, […]


Drama geek

October 17, 2001

he was wearing an old radiohead t-shirt, pants slightly too short and a crazy black derby. his voice boomed throughout the restaurant and his arms waved wildly about. his face said “all the world’s a stage” and that’s when eric & i figured it out: he was a drama geek. –the back area of the […]


Boxing thin air

October 15, 2001

little latino boy scurrying up the street with fists punching through his gray t-shirt, like a nervous habit in the making. –my street by the green awning


Don’t let me forget again

October 12, 2001

it is just the internet. there is more to life than <href>s and <p> tags, titles and teasers, comps and sitemaps. if a line break breaks the page, it is not the end of the world. i have been so wrapped up in work, and i have let it get to me — i’ve found […]



“i saw Say Anything again last night.” “i love that movie.” “me too.” “you’ve seen Some Kind of Wonderful, right?” “hell yeah.” “that movie is the hope for all artist/geeks.” “yes, and girls with really short hair.”


Crunch time

October 10, 2001

it’s crunch time, and i haven’t felt this way in so long. the tired eyes, the tumbling stomach, the achey back. the staring off into nowhere because i am so paralyzed — too paralyzed — to actually do what it is i’m supposed to be doing. the deadline, looming over our heads like a black […]


Never thinking twice

October 4, 2001

it wasn’t until i lifted my wrist to check the time that i realized i’d forgotten to put on my watch. the missing stainless steel links revealed a stripe of white skin. that part of me never sees the light of day, that part of me is never late, that part of me can’t stand […]


It’s all my fault

October 3, 2001

a woman in her mid- to late 40s nearly ran me over when i was crossing the street (my light was green, she was making a right at red) and then honked because i was in her way. –corner across the street from my office


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