The April fool

April 1, 2001

it appears the joke’s been on me. all day long i’ve been oblivious to the fact that today we turn our clocks forward. so, when i awoke at 9:30 i was really getting up at 10:30; and when i called tom at 2:30, figuring it was 10:30 there in the netherlands and thus not too late to call, it was really 11:30; and when i got to mass 15 minutes early i was really 45 minutes late.

i must have looked like such a fool, sauntering up to the church in my sunday best, only to hear the Our Father being sung through the open doors. that, of course, is when i looked at my watch, and visor, and cellphone. 5:15, 5:15, 5:15, they all said, and that is when i crept into a hidden corner and called The Time Lady who explained to me that it was actually Pacific Daylight Savings Time, you silly girl.

i swear, i heard her laughing at me.

i snuck back to my car, hoping no one saw me and thought i was ducking out early, and i sat there for a minute or two, feeling somehow cheated. like, had i not misplaced that hour of my day, i would have gotten more done.


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