It Started With
one slice of bacon. one perfect slice of bacon, rather, that i had at a brunch in austin, texas earlier this year. i'd always been a fan of bacon, but after that perfect slice of bacon, i was obsessed. i had to have more.

i was a girl on a mission.

So Now
i'm always on the lookout for bacon. already a big fan of brunch, i find myself seeking out places that serve bacon -- not just slapped on the side of a plate with eggs and toast. i'm looking for good bacon. special flavored bacon. dishes with bacon. bacon bacon bacon!

If You Want
you can join in on the fun. it turns out that i am not the only who's in love. if you have bacon tales, do tell and maybe your story will get posted to the site.

please don't hate me if you don't eat bacon. or meat. or any animal products, whatsoever. i am a good person, honest i am. this is just a piddly little website, you know? don't let bacon come between us.

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